Becoming a Teacher

Table of Contents:

Introduction - Those That Can Teach, Should

Section 1 - Inside the Little Red Schoolhouse


  1. Meet the Students
  2. Meet the Colleagues - The Teachers
  3. Meet the Blood Line of the School - Resources
  4. Meet the Powers That Be - The Administration, The Union, The Board of Education, and the PTA
  5. Welcome to the Faculty Lounge - No Dollar, No Coffee!
  6. Demystifying Tenure - What does it mean? Why do you need it?
    How do you get it?
  7. Getting That License - Certification
  8. Less Talk - Assessment Quick-List

Section 2 - For Students


  1. Obtaining Your Teaching Internship
  2. Greet the Fleet
  3. A Visit to the Morgue - Organizing for Success
  4. Lights, Camera, Action - The Student as Teacher
  5. Your Mentor's Role - The Cooperative Teacher - Pick a rose, or get pricked by a thorn
  6. Reviews & Critiques
  7. Less Talk - Assessment Quick-List

Section 3 - Preparing for the Real World

  1. Teaching Opportunities
  2. Getting Your Foot in the Door
  3. "Subbing" - Teacher Impersonation
  4. Flying Through Your First Year as A Teacher
  5. Less Talk - Assessment Quick-List

Even the woodpecker owes
his success to the fact that
he uses his head and keeps pecking until he finishes the job he starts.

- Coleman Cox